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Celtic Wrestling

Celtic Martial Arts Workshops


We are pleased to offer a new format to our program. Starting this year we will be conduction several workshops through out Louisiana. These workshops will not only be informative, but interactive as well. The participants will be able to have hands on experience in a variety of Celtic Martial Arts. Such as the beginning grips of Gouren, Scottish Backhold, and Irish Collar and Elbow. While no throws will be performed the basic set ups will be demonstrated. If participants are interested in learning more about these styles they are asked to join us for any one of the several training days we will be holding throughout the year.


Also this year we are adding the Shillelagh to our program. We feel that the Shillelagh is not only a part of our Celtic heritage, but it is a viable part of self defense in today’s society. Many people are seen carrying a stick while walking the neighborhoods. But if need, would they be able to use it effectively or be able to prevent the attacker from taking it and using it on them? By studying the ancient ways of the Shillelagh and the Shillelagh Law, a person could carry that “stick” with confidence and security.


The Shillelagh is much more than a “stick.” That is why we are also offering a workshop on Shillelagh making. We will cover such things as; what sort of stick makes a good Shillelagh, How and when to cut your Shillelagh, seasoning and finishing your Shillelagh. This and much, much more will be covered at our workshops. So please stop by and check us out.

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