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Celtic Wrestling

Club Background

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Celtic Wrestling, like other martial sports, offers outstanding benefits to children and their families. Particularly those who feel there is no hope. The disciplines and philosophies associated with Celtic Wrestling offers both youth and young adults an alternative to drugs and other harmful activities. Celtic Wrestling offers the physical and mental tools necessary to combat the overwhelming peer pressures that come from the peer pressure that is associated with at risk environment. An essential feature of Celtic Wrestling which is still retained today, is the wrestling oath. Today the official oath is taken before each sportive competition. The wrestlers face each other in two parallel lines, with their right hands raised with open palms as they take the oath. The oath is as follows:

I swear to wrestle with entire loyalty

Without treachery or brutality

For my honor and that of my country

In testimony of my sincerity

And to follow the custom of my ancestors

I present to my fellow my hand and my cheek

Each Celtic Wrestling bout begins and ends with a standard Western handshake. The art of Celtic Wrestling encapsulates the Western spirit of heroism, discipline and honor. It is this spirit that we value highest with regard to the sport, with the general esthetics and technical mastery of the art taking, perhaps, a secondary role.

The purpose of New Orleans Celtic Wrestling is promote the martial sport of Celtic Wrestling, while promoting the positive and moral aspects of the sport. The lessons learned in the sport can help fight the war on drugs and youth violence in America through a combination of educational and motivational programs aimed at our youth and their families.

Our Club Officers

Matthew Nichols - Director
Scotty Weeks - Head Coach
Brad Groce - Assistant Coach